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Freestanding Unit
Raw Beauty

Looking for your next home décor home run? The Rupert unit is both stylish and versatile. Configureable, you can adjust table and shelves height to turn it into the perfect kitchen island or the home office unit of your dreams. Its surfaces made of distressed solid wood add just the right dash of classy casual for a truly on-trend décor.

Sizes Available:

Freestanding Unit


  • W 37 7/8"
  • D 61 1/4"
  • H 72 1/4"


  • W 20"
  • D 48"

Metal Covering Table top

Customize your product

A fascinating world of creativity opens up; the line features a generous palette of metals, woods and coverings to work with. We provide the inspiration, you provide the look.

Chantal Bergeron Designer Découvrez les suggestions de notre chef Designer Chantale Bergeron

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Metal Covering


24 Magnetite
25 Black coral
27 Sun gold
51 Harley
52 Oxidado
53 Dayglam
56 Titanium
57 Metallo
58 Sienna
61 Pure
68 Vanilla
73 Mineral
74 Falcon
75 Cobrizo

Distressed solid birch

84 Shady
86 Sand dust
87 Toasty
89 Stone dust
Freestanding unit 25 Black Coral / 87 Toasty 
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