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Fairfield Plus
Images Fairfield Plus Fairfield Plus Fairfield Plus Fairfield Plus Fairfield Plus Fairfield Plus

Fairfield Plus

Non swivel stool

Resolutely urban

A stool that adds a touch of sophistication in an unobtrusive, compact look even with this larger version. The Fairfield stool has that certain je ne sais quoi and personality to spare. Sure will make its mark as your day-to-day mainstay. On the practical side, it slips easily under the counter to free up space.
  • Ultra-sturdy steel frame
  • Well-cushioned seat
Finishes Available:
24 Magnetite: DB Oyster 
75 Cobrizo: DB Oyster / DD Stratus

Sizes Available:

Counter Height (26")

Bar Height (30")


  • W 19 1/2"
  • D 21 3/8"
  • H 33 1/4"
  • S 26"


  • W 19 1/2"
  • D 21 3/8"
  • H 37 1/4"
  • S 30"

Metal Covering Table top

Customize your product

A fascinating world of creativity opens up; the line features a generous palette of metals, woods and coverings to work with. We provide the inspiration, you provide the look.

Chantal Bergeron Designer Découvrez les suggestions de notre chef Designer Chantale Bergeron

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Metal Covering


24 Magnetite
75 Cobrizo


DB Oyster
DD Stratus
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