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The retailers do not carry all products on their floor. Check with the retailers in your area to see if they have a particular product in their showroom. Consult the "Find a Retailer" section of our Website to find your retailer.
Only retailers can give you prices for an Amisco product. Prices may differ from a retailer to another.
It is unfortunately impossible to purchase Amisco products directly from the factory. Our products are available through different retailers in your area. Please refer to the Find a Retailer section on our Website to find the nearest retailer.
The Amisco products are mainly made of superior North American steel, formed in Canada, and painted with lead free paint. Some components are made of solid wood (yellow birch), particle board and MDF complying with CARB formaldehyde emission limits.
All Amisco products require some assembly , still less than an imported product. For quick references, you can refer to the assembly instructions posted on each product page on our Website. You can also ask your retailer for the service assembly since it is offered by many of them.
Amisco products are designed and made only for an indoor residential use.
Amisco products are designed and made for and indoor residential use only, not for a commercial use. Nevertheless, some products are specifically sold for a commercial use, please refer to the "Commercial" section to see which ones.
- Twin beds: 300 lbs
- Full, Queen and King beds: 600 lbs
- Chairs and stools: 300 lbs
- Accent chairs: 450 lbs
- Table bases, bar, sets of 4 legs: 250 lbs, including tabletop weight*
- Tabletops: 100 lbs

*Note: These weights only reflect the load that can be applied without breaking a table. These weights are not maximum weights for a tabletop not made by Amisco.
At Amisco, we place a premium on the design and production of safe furniture. Our safety standards are among the highest in the industry. Our lead-free paints meet U.S. CPSIA and Health Canada regulations, and the particle board and MDF used to manufacture our products meet California formaldehyde emission limits (CARB), the most stringent in North America. So, our customers know they can use Amisco furniture in confidence.
PDF versions of our catalogs are available in the "CATALOGS" section of our Website.
Our measuring codes refer to the following dimensions:

W (width)
D (depth)
H (height)
S (seat height)
A (arms height)
F (footboard height)
If your counter is the same height as your kitchen sink you need 26" stools.

If your counter is bar height you need 30" stools.
We recommend allowing 22" to 25" of space for each stool. Be sure to reserve more space for swivel stools or stools with arms.
This seat uses a high quality and high density polyurethane foam, 1¾" thick or more, to ensure unsurpassed comfort and increased longevity.
It is only possible to combine different coverings on a same product when mentioned in the product description.
No. The Amisco designers chose the best bases and backrests combinations possible to create each model.
No. The stability, height and sturdiness of a table which do not use a tabletop recommended by Amisco cannot be warranted.
No, unless otherwise stated on the product sheet.
The inherent characteristics of these finishes allow the darkening of the construction welds and seams to show through, which makes each piece truly unique.

A) Color variations: Paint thickness variation is inherent to our paint application process. The differences in paint thickness cause color variations, which may vary from a light copper tint to a dark brown on the same product. These color changes provide to this finish a warm and unique look.

B) Visible welds: When welding, metal heats up and darkens. Dark spots may be visible around welds, as well as on the face of a sheet metal part opposite to a weld.

C) Weld seam along tubes: A continuous black line may appear along a tube. This is the area where the steel was welded to become a tube. The tube weld seam may appear on any given face of a tube or of a product.

D) Zinc components: Some products have zinc decorative components. Zinc parts are generally of a lighter color than the rest of the steel product.

No. A lot of the fabrics do not require a fabric protector (ex. Scotchguard*TM) due to their waterproof characteristics: the PVC's, bonded leathers, polyuretanes and some nylon velvets. The others can be cleaned easily. Many retailers offer the fabric protector application service. Please ask your retailer.
To emphasize the premium nature of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS brand, selected designers and brands are permitted to use the distinctive, trapezoid-shaped "MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS" label. It serves as a certificate of authenticity, denoting products that are made with genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
You need replacement glides for your Amisco product? Please consult our glides list and identify the type of glides you need. Select your glides number and contact our Customer Service Department to order them directly from Amisco. The glides are sold in bag of 16 units, at a cost of $4 or $8/bag plus shipping and handling costs. We accept payment by credit card Visa or Master Card only. No returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted.
Steel require little maintenance. Simply use a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Rinse and wipe dry. Do not use a scouring pad or abrasive cleanser. This could scratch the paint finish. Refer to the PRODUCT CARE section of Amisco's Website. You will find all the indications concerning the general maintenance of your Amisco product.
Yes, our beds can be used with most of the adjustable beds on the market.

Adjustable bed without legs

Mountain View

All sizes compatible with:
  • Upholstered beds
  • Trendy beds
  • Metal beds using the versatile mattress support
  • Metal beds using the platform footboard mattress support

Adjustable bed with legs

Mountain View

All sizes compatible with:
  • Upholstered beds
  • Trendy beds
  • Metal beds using the non versatile mattress support
  • Metal beds using the platform footboard mattress support
Not compatible with:
  • Twin metal beds